Cristina Aleixendri


15 June 2022
Bound 4 Blue, S.L. has received financial support from Puertos del Estado (Spain) through the Fund Ports 4.0 (Ports of Spain Tradetech Fund) to develop the R&D Project Sails 4 Cargo.

The overall aim of the project is to install, in a port area, our wind-assisted propulsion technology eSAIL in a general cargo vessel. To match this objective, b4b is working on the engineering and technical activities related to the vessel transformation and the development of two eSAIL to be installed on it.

Furthermore, we are carrying out a legal and technical feasibility assessment for the installation of our eSAIL technology in port areas, with the Port of Santander as a case study, helping the strategy of this port to be a hub for the installation of these new WASP technologies.

At the end of the project, b4b will have taken a step forward in the development of its technology with the installation of two brand new 17-metre-high eSAILs on the EEMS Traveller cargo vessel, owned and operated by the Dutch shipowner Amasus Shipping.

In addition, b4b will have achieved an operational improvement through the development of eSAIL installation processes in port areas, reducing commissioning time and costs.