Quality politics

At BOUND4BLUE, S.L., we have established a Quality Management System with which we commit to building trust with our customers. To achieve this, we have based our approach on customer loyalty, satisfaction, and continuous improvement.

To fulfill this policy, at BOUND4BLUE, S.L., we set and assume the following guidelines:

  1. Certify our organization in ISO 9001:2015 standards to gain recognition from our customers.
  2. Enhance and motivate the competence and performance of our employees.
  3. Increase the overall performance and effectiveness of our company by employing a process-oriented management approach. This includes thorough risk analysis as a critical process and keeps the customer as the starting and ending point of our work. This approach enables us to more efficiently manage our activities and resources, taking into account customer needs and their evolution.
  4. Provide our customers with product guidance to fully meet their requirements.

The assurance of adhering to these guidelines, along with the commitment to continuous improvement, guarantees the fulfilment of our primary commitment: OUR CLIENTS’ SATISFACTION

Santander, January 11th, 2018.
Mr. José Miguel Bermúdez