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bound4blue and Oceanking team up to offer innovative wind-assisted propulsion technology in Greece and Cyprus

bound4blue and Oceanking team up to offer innovative wind-assisted propulsion technology in Greece and Cyprus
Cristina Aleixendri


17 May 2023

bound4blue and Oceanking have announced a partnership to jointly expand access to the eSAIL technology in Greece and Cyprus.

As a trusted provider of marine technology solutions, Oceanking has established a strong reputation in the industry for their team’s expertise, delivering integrated solutions that enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

bound4blue, on the other hand, is a market leader in wind-assisted propulsion technology, with its product, the eSAIL, which offers a unique and efficient system to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

The eSAIL is a wind-assisted propulsion system known as suction sail. Suction sails combine the positive features of both wingsails (ease of operation, low power consumption, excellent capacity to sail upwind) and flettner rotors (high lift, small size), resulting in the most payback-efficient technology in the market.

“We are excited to work with Oceanking in this important shipping business region. We share a common commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction, and we are confident that our collaboration will enable us to provide even more value to the industry,” says David Ferrer, CTO of bound4blue.

Carola Yannouli, General Manager at OCEANKING, noted, “In the path towards zero emissions, the Greek shipping industry needs proven and cost-efficient technologies. We’re excited to work with bound4blue and provide our clients with an innovative, but proven technology to meet their decarbonization goals. We’re looking forward to a strong partnership and to assisting shipping companies to become more profitable and sustainable.”

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About bound4blue

bound4blue develops automated wind-assisted propulsion systems as a turnkey solution for all shipowners and shipping companies seeking to reduce fuel costs and polluting emissions. bound4blue’s eSAIL® system is a validated solution for saving fuel and emissions, completely autonomous, with low maintenance and easy installation onboard, being the most cost-efficient wind propulsion technology today. The company, founded in 2014 with a vocation clearly focused on the renewable energy sector in the maritime field, has its headquarters in Cantabria (Spain) and offices in Barcelona and Singapore. During 2021, the company installed its eSAIL® system on two ships and has signed additional agreements with other shipowners like Amasus Shipping, Louis Dreyfus Armateurs and Marubeni Corporation to install the system on their fleets.

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About Oceanking

OCEANKING is a leading marine engineering and commercial group serving the Greek and International maritime community as well as the Greek public and industrial sector. OCEANKING was founded in 1989 and operates in Piraeus—Greece as well as in Cyprus. OCEANKING employs qualified naval architects and marine engineers and is managed by Costas Hassiotis and Panos Yannoulis with a permanent staff presently consisting of 40+ persons. Their experience covers the areas of ship design, ship construction and operation, marine engineering equipment and systems, materials supply and management as well as logistic support. Their customer base consists of 350+ shipping companies, to which they provide the following services: marine equipment representation, integrated after sales support services (spare parts, service and training) and newbuilding contracting and resales.

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