Wing sails


bound4blue’s wingsail technology reduces fuel consumption and emissions of the maritime transport.


The maritime transport is in a continuous growing path and is facing a double challenge:

    • The global rise in fuel prices.
    • The appearance of a tighter environmental regulation on pollution issues [not only about CO2 but also about other pollutants: nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur oxides (SOx) and particulate matter (PM10)].

Therefore, there is a clear need around new technologies to take advantage of alternative energy to drive the hydrocarbon fuel dependence out of the maritime transport.

Our objectives

  • At least an average fuel savings of 30%
  • Target payback < 5 years
  • Technical & Operational concerns solved
  • Ready for newbuild & retrofit engineering
  • Case-by-case performance analysis capabilities
emissions - Bound4blue
Technology - Wing Sails


bound4blue is now working with two main complementary wingsails designs, for heavy and light applications, focusing on bulk carriers and tankers as the main target.

Our technology reduces fuel consumption and pollutant emissions of maritime transport by generating effective thrust from wind power. These wingsails, designed as an engine assist technology, are fully automated and do not require additional crew members for its operation. bound4blue wingsail technology allows merchant vessels to operate at their nominal service speed with reduced engine propulsion.

Key design features & advantages

  • Use of a non-symmetrical airfoil section (thrust x2 over our competitors)
  • Completely foldable to ship’s deck
  • No interference in visibility in harbor and with cargo handling due to folding capabilities
  • No size/height limit (only structural)
  • Minimal interference in cargo capabilities
  • Suitable for automation, no extra crew required
  • Hydraulic/mechanical control
  • Heavy duty materials
  • Safety in extreme weather conditions
  • Payback periods < 4 years for large configurations
  • Payback periods < 3 years for smaller versions


According to our results and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) analysis, depending on the routes and the type of vessel selected, bound4blue’s wingsail system offers average fuel savings even higher than 40% for regular ships without modifying either existing routes or transit times. For the Handymax bulker analyzed in the example shown at the right, keeping the transit time constant (ship speed at 14 kt), it is possible to reach fuel saving ratios of around 12,5% per integrated wingsail. With 3 wingsails, the saving ratio increases up to 42%. For this case, the annual savings are shown below:

fuel - Bounf4blue
Fuel - Bound4blue